Published on May 26, 2014, by Jackie in Netherlands Life.

On our way to Luxembourg City, we made a quick stop to the city of Vianden. While we didn’t take advantage of the walking routes the visitor’s office provides through the hills and meadows on this trip, we did enjoy the chairlift ride with amazing panoramic views of the city and the castle.

We also took a moment to visit the American military memorial where we learned that Vianden was the last Luxemburg town to be liberated in WWII. According to the plaques, the 1255th Engineer Combat Battalion attached to the 6th U.S. Cavalry took the upper city of Vianden on February 12, 1945. Eleven men were killed in action and fifty-one men were wounded. Ten days later, the 28th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squad crossed the river and seized the lower city of Vianden.

On our way out of town, we drove passed these amazing fields of yellow flowers. A few weeks later, Jackie went on a tour in Champagne, France and learned these are commercial rapeseed fields. The flowers are grown all over Europe for animal feed and vegetable (canola) oil.