Published on April 30, 2013, by Jackie in Netherlands Life.

Koninginnedag, or Queen’s Day, is the official birthday of the Dutch Queen.

According to, the first Queen’s Day was celebrated on 31 August 1885, in honor of the birth of Queen Wilhelmina. In 1949, the day was changed to 30 April to celebrate the birthday of Wilhemina’s daughter, Juliana.  The current monarch, Queen Beatrix, chose to retain the day in honor of her mother, so Queen’s Day has been celebrated on 30 April for the last 64 years.

This year, Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne. With the investiture of King Willem-Alexander, the Dutch celebrated their first ever King’s Day. Everyone wore orange as a show of pride for the Dutch Royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau, and there were street parties, concerts, and flea markets everywhere. We were lucky enough to have Kevin joined us all the way from Idaho, to celebrate this historic event in Amsterdam.