Published on May 23, 2014, by Jackie in Netherlands Life.

As with many things this year, Easter weekend snuck up on us, so we decided to find something that was close and small enough not to require a lot of research. After an evening on the Visit Luxembourg and Luxembourg City Tourist Office websites, we decided Luxembourg City was just the place.

We spent the morning enjoying a leisurely stroll through Upper Town, checking out the Grand Ducal Palace, William Square, and the Adolphe Bridge. Then we headed to the Old Quarter to check out the Viaduct and Bock Casements. As a result of the treaty between France and Prussia (1867), most of the fortress and tunnels were demolished. However, seventeen kilometers are still intact, and you can see some amazing views of the city from inside these tunnels.

On Easter Monday, we went to the fish market in search of ‘Péckvillercher’, the small clay birds that we had read were sold at the Éimaischen festival. After shopping the whole market, we picked out three little birds and giggled all morning as adults ran around blowing their whistles like kids. We also stopped by the bakery for a delicious assortment of treats, including our very own lambie-pie cake!